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Pledge to deepen and intensify scrutiny

Green councillors vowed to deepen and intensify scrutiny of the new Labour administration following the first council meetings. Green councillors will sit on key committees, including those scrutinising Planning, Audit and Licensing decisions made by the Labour Mayor. Green Party Group leader Cllr Tom Crone said: ‘We know from comments made by the last Mayor […]

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Greens demand attendance records made easily available for public scrutiny

New analysis of publicly available council attendance record for the last five years reveals that it is Green councillors who turn up while others stay away. Of councillors with five or more years on the council:   St Michaels Green Councillor Sarah Jennings has the highest percentage attendance. Two out of the top three highest […]

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Greenbank Greens demand end to Watering Can park development

Dan Fieldsend and Cllr Lawrence Brown outside Greenbank Park Greenbank Green councillor Lawrence Brown today (Thursday February 24) called on the council to back local residents opposed to the extension of the Watering Can café into the local park’s memorial walled garden. Greenbank Park was bought for the people of Liverpool in 1897 from the […]

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City left leaderless and rudderless as Labour descends into chaos

Liverpool City Council Green Group leader Tom Crone today (Tuesday February 23) called for a ‘Clean-hands Cabinet’ to lead the city out of the chaos caused by Labour dropping Acting Mayor and two other leading councillors as candidates for elections in May. Cllr Crone said: ‘The city has been left leaderless and rudderless. Labour has […]

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Greens back Gary Cargill for City Region Mayor

Green Party members across the six boroughs have backed Liverpool-born actor Gary Cargill to become City Region Mayor in May’s election. Runcorn-based Gary pledged to turn the City Region green and ‘inspire real long-lasting change.’ The government insists the election for Liverpool City Region Mayor will go ahead, despite concerns over Covid 19 – and […]

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Gina Dowding MEP

Our new MEP Gina Dowding, elected in May, took up her seat in the European Parliament on 1st July.  It’s been a big learning curve for her, and for the other new UK Green MEPs, but that hasn’t stopped her providing regular updates on what’s happening; these are currently best seen here: (apologies to non-Facebook users)  […]

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