Liverpool Green Group leader Tom Crone on City Mayor result

Tom Crone Liverpool Green Party

First, congratulations to Joanne Anderson. It is no small matter for Liverpool to have elected the first black, woman mayor of a major city. That speaks volumes for Liverpool’s reaction to Black Lives Matter and the continuing racism we see around us.

I hope this marks a historical, defining moment for a city largely built on the proceeds of slavery.

Of course, we expect a clean break with the past of the other Joe Anderson and the bullying, intimidation and dubious deals so starkly outlined in the Caller report. I just don’t know that the Labour Party really understands how deep-rooted that culture is within its ranks and how difficult it will be for the new Mayor to tackle it.

Joanne said in her election promises that ‘every decision taken will be measured against our net-zero carbon target and scrutinised by its value for the people of Liverpool and contribution to equality and inclusion.’

They are fine words, but we need to see immediate action. The Green Party put the climate crisis firmly on the council’s agenda and we are ready to support actions that really do address the issues.

As a start, that means cutting city centre traffic by 50 per cent, ending the threat of a new dual carriageway on Riverside Drive, cancelling the roads programme and re-directing investment into green, accessible public transport and a new green jobs recovery fund.

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