Help turn Liverpool Green on 4 July

The election is just a couple of weeks away and here at Liverpool Greens we have been working hard on our election campaign.

We are very pleased to have candidates standing in every Liverpool constituency.

Who are the candidates?

Liverpool Wavertree – Tom Crone
Tom Crone

Councillor Tom Crone has been holding Liverpool Labour to account since he got elected in 2014. He is a self-employed Energy Advisor and his wife is a frontline NHS worker.

He says: “I am excited by the proposals in our manifesto and proud to represent a national political party offering a real alternative. Keir Starmer’s Labour Party are matching the Tories in too many ways, watering down previous commitments and flip-flopping on important policies.

“A vote for the Green Party will send a powerful message to Keir Starmer that he needs to be bolder to achieve the vital transition to a Green economy and creating a fairer Britain for all.”

Liverpool West Derby – Maria Coughlan
Maria Coughlan
Maria has lived in Liverpool all her life. Raised by her widowed mother, she experienced poverty first hand. That was back in the 1960s, but sadly today, after both Labour and Conservative Governments, not much has changed. Child poverty is at an all-time high, the NHS is at risk, and climate change is a real threat to our planet.

Maria worked in social housing for over 30 years, helping the most vulnerable in society keep a roof over their head. Twenty-five years as Presiding Justice on the Liverpool Magistrates’ Bench has given Maria first-hand experience of the impact of crime, addiction, and domestic abuse on our great city.

If elected, Maria is determined to champion the rights of West Derby residents. She will be relentless in making sure your views are not only heard in Parliament, but are acted upon. We cannot sit back and hope for change. We have to act now and vote Green.

Liverpool Riverside – Chris Coughlan
Chris Coughlan
Chris is a retired Project Manager and former labour member until converting to the Green Party over five years ago having recognised and acknowledged the widening cavern between both parties.

He lives in Liverpool City Centre and is a life long Everton fan but please don’t hold that against him.

Liverpool Walton – Martyn Madeley
Martyn Madeley
Martyn has been a Green campaigner for over 10 years. He completed a degree in Environmental Science since moving to Liverpool.

He now works in a materials analysis company as a Laboratory Technician while being the Councillor for Greenbank Park Ward on Liverpool City Council.

Liverpool Garston and Halewood – Muryam Sheikh
Muryam says “The Green Party needs more members to stand as an option for people to choose from on a ballot paper at the elections, rather than just the other well-funded parties. And as we need as many as possible willing to stand I felt it was my duty as a mixed heritage person to do so too. I would love to see more Greens as an option on ballot papers nationwide, so we can push for a better, cleaner, fairer future for everyone, with more exposure to help highlight our policies and the party as a whole.”

Our manifesto

All of Liverpool’s Green Party parliamentary candidates are in full support of and committed to the national Green Party manifesto. Read up on some of the Green Party’s plans below:

Fairer, greener homes for all

A fairer, healthier country

A Greener economy

Greener energy

Bringing nature back to life.

Don’t forget:

The constituency boundaries have changed this year so if you want to check your constituency please use this link here:

Keep your eye out here and on Social Media (X/Twitter) for updates on the candidates.

How Can I Help?

Join the Green Party – With this link you can join the Green Party where you will be able to see all events.

Give to our Crowdfunder – We are raising funds to cover the costs of standing a candidate in every seat. You don’t have to be a member to donate and anything you can spare gets us closer to our goal.

Join us Leafleting – We have delivered over 20,000 leaflets so far to those in the Wavertree Constituency. We have another leaflet ready to go and you can help us reach people! If you’re a member check your emails, otherwise contact

Finally, a massive thank you to everyone who has supported us so far. Our continued success simply wouldn’t be possible without you.