Bye bye £28 billion

Bye bye £28 billion of green investment a year.

So Labour has ditched its flagship election pledge – the same week as climate scientists announced the planet breached 1.5 degrees for the whole of 2023.

It’s bad for the climate, economy, and future generations. But Keir Starmer has bowed to the Tory party’s cynical attacks and put short term political goals ahead of the wellbeing of people and planet.

It is clear that only the Green Party can be trusted to stand up for ambitious action in parliament to build a fairer, greener country.

Carla Denyer, co-leader of the Green Party, said:

“This is a massive backward step – for the climate, for the economy and for good quality jobs. Both the security of our planet for future generations and the UK’s future prosperity is dependent on greening our economy and that requires large scale investment.”

The good news is support for our Green MPs, Sian, Carla, Adrian and Ellie is growing in their constituencies, and Liverpool’s Green Party Councillors Martyn Madeley, John Howard and Tom Crone continue to deliver real change for their wards.

But we need your help to keep the pressure up on the bigger parties nationally and withstand their attacks so our candidates can win when a general election is called. Plus, our work locally must continue, so communities across the city, region and nation can add their voices to the Green revolution.

Please help support our work locally and nationally with a donation to the Green Part today.

Large or small, every penny helps us protect the planet for everyone’s future.