Greens Best Vote for Climate in Liverpool

The Vote Climate site ( puts the choice down to just two parties in all five Liverpool constituencies in the General Election this Thursday.

The Green Party is the recommended best vote for climate action in all five constituencies, with two of the seats listed as votes where the Greens could win the seat – Liverpool Wavertree and Liverpool Riverside.

Tom Crone, Green candidate for Wavertree, and a Liverpool City Councillor, said:

“Climate chaos is here. Globally 2023 was the hottest year on record. As I say this, Hurricane Beryl is the earliest ever Category 4 hurricane and it is destroying homes and livelihoods in island states in the Caribbean right now [1]. We’ve seen huge floods in Switzerland, France and Germany. People saw first hand the horrendous weather that has even delayed a match in the European Football Championship [2]. Our own lack of summer so far shows the disruption and chaos that the climate crisis brings.”

“This is the election where we need people to vote for climate action. It is also the election where climate has been missing from the debate. The risks to Merseyside are huge and a Green vote is the one clear message you can give the next government as grandparents, parents or just for yourself and your concern for the future. Every Green vote will count, even in constituencies where we don’t win, as ‘Short Money’ helps fund Greens in parliament.”

The Greens are expected to win up to 4 seats around the country.

The Liverpool Echo have previously reported on flood maps if sea levels rise in Merseyside [3]. Large parts of Birkenhead, the Baltic Triangle and Liverpool City Centre will be underwater. Huge areas from Crosby up to Southport will be below sea level or at high risk of storm surges.

“As Greens we are the party speaking out on this, the most important issue of our time. But we need people to hear that message, and so far the airwaves and media coverage have been quiet. Ask your children and grandchildren, who can’t yet vote, what they want from the election. It is their future, but they need you to vote for it and we need our radio and newspapers to cover it.”