Greens back Gary Cargill for City Region Mayor

Green Party members across the six boroughs have backed Liverpool-born actor Gary Cargill to become City Region Mayor in May’s election.

Runcorn-based Gary pledged to turn the City Region green and ‘inspire real long-lasting change.’

The government insists the election for Liverpool City Region Mayor will go ahead, despite concerns over Covid 19 - and Gary is urging everyone to turn out and vote.

Profile of candidate Gary Cargill

Gary, who grew up in in the City Region, recently played Liverpool Mercury editor John Smith in the award-winning Mike Leigh film Peterloo that retold the dramatic and deadly struggle of working people to win the vote.

He says:
‘Men, women, and children had to lay down their lives in the name of universal suffrage. Today, we have the power in our hands to make change happen through the ballot box. It breaks my heart that so many people don’t exercise the power that they have because they don’t believe change is in their hands. It is.’

Gary recounts how, two years ago, the birth of his son, Joe, turned his life upside down and made him realise that ‘better is possible.’

He adds:
‘Most of my life I voted Labour but witnessed no real, long-lasting change. Now, more than ever, it is vital that people use their vote to elect a Green Metro Mayor who will hold the six local Labour-held authorities to account, and inspire change.’

Gary promised to deliver a new, clean industrial revolution, tackling the challenges of climate change in a way that makes the Liverpool City Region a beacon of hope.

‘We are living through an environmental and economic crisis and the poorest and most vulnerable in our communities are the ones suffering the most. The next ten years are the most important in the history of humankind.

‘I know that in our region better is possible. Let’s stand together and create a new, vibrant, people-powered participatory politics across Liverpool City Region.’

11 thoughts on “Greens back Gary Cargill for City Region Mayor

  1. Hello GaryI read that you want to protect green spaces. What is your viewpoint on building newer greener houses on greenbelt land or redeveloping the older house at a greater cost in some undesirable areas within the mersey city region. Where I live there are at present three housing developments in the area of a couple of mile radius, with a 4th due this or next year but which has been approved close to the M62. Do you think we have a shortage of housing or is it that people want new houses so unfortunately land has to be sold to build. 

  2. I would like to ask you to take the Climate Action Pledge which the Friends of the Earth are asking for.
    I am a member of the Wirral Green Party – and I hear from FoE that so far NONE of the Mayoral candidates for our region have so far taken this pledge – including yourself?

  3. I should be most grateful if someone could tell me what the financial conditions of the recent LCR (Liverpool City Region) £34m ‘loan’ to Liverpool John Lennon Airport actually are, relating to the climate/biodiversity emergency. This is particularly important when considering its proposal to destroy 120 acres of GreeBelt in a SPA/SSSI/RAMSAR area, with its proposed expansion (52 acres have already been lost). 90% of the airport’s equity is in private hands and so justification should be given for this loan.

    Thank you.

  4. Dear Gary
    Although I now live in Widnes, I was born and brought up in Liverpool. My family and friends still live in the city and I still regard Liverpool as my home city. So I strongly supported the creation of the Liverpool City Region headed by a metro Mayor and still do. I noticed that all the candidates have something to say about improving the delivery of public transport but I have a question about concessionary travel for Halton’s senior citizens. I understand that the remit of Merseytravel for public transport now covers all six boroughs. However, there is a feeling of unfairness and a sense in Halton that its senior citizens are the poor relations because their concessionary travel passes only apply to bus services. Everyone has had an awful year with Covid 19 and my generation has taken biggest hit in terms of serious infections and Covid related deaths. Therefore, as we look to be coming out of lockdown, do you have any plans or intention to bring the concessionary travel arrangements for Halton’s senior citizens into line with the concessionary travel arrangements in the other five boroughs? I believe such a move to correct this anomaly will be popular and well received in Halton. Finally, may I wish you all the luck for the Mayoral Election on Thursday 6th May 2021

  5. Hi, I wonder if you can tell me what the view of the Green Party is about the “Green New Deal” offered by Steve Rotheram in his bid for re-election. Specifically I want to know whether the Green Party supports his plan to “harness the power of the Mersey”, by which I assume he means tidal power. This idea was explored in detail some years ago and rejected mainly on environmental grounds.

  6. Hi
    That is a question for the incumbent Mayor, we have no knowledge or access to any information regarding the loan for the airport expansion. However, we (Gary) are against the airport expansion due to it’s hugely negative environmental impact.

    Sally (Liverpool Green Party Committee – Social Media Officer and Member of Green Party LCR forum)

  7. Hi

    Sorry don’t have a specific answer, but Gary is a Halton resident himself he knows just how strongly Halton residents feel about being “left out” by the Labour Metro Mayor and he wants to redress the Liverpool-centric balance and make sure every borough gets treated equally and resources are allocated depending on individual borough needs, not focussing on the city alone.

    Sally (Liverpool Green Party Committee – Social Media Officer and Member of Green Party LCR forum)

  8. Hi
    I can point you to Gary’s you tube video where he explains that there are better renewable sources of energy that are not as ecologically damaging as Labour’s proposed tidal barrage, mainly through an offshore tidal lagoon with inbuilt wind turbines and use it to generate clean hydrogen to power a fleet of green buses.
    (Liverpool Green Party Committee – Social Media Officer and Member of Green Party LCR forum)

  9. Thank you for the prompt response. However, very disappointing that the Green Party has taken such little interest in the proposed expansion of LJLA when one observes how active it has been over the Leeds and Bristol expansions, together with Heathrow’s 3rd runway proposal.

    The Green Belt land comprising area GB078, Dungeon and Baileys’ Lane was lost, due to an intentionally misleading planning application (and subsequent planning permission) and this was easy to spot if one studied the documentation [1] (see figure 6 onwards), [2].

    In fairness, the response from the other political parties has been even worse (both local and national).


    [1] See Lawrence Jones Liverpool Local Plan submission:

    {2] See Lawrence Jones Halton Local Plan submission:

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