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Caroline Lucas writes to Boris Johnson about his plan to suspend Parliament

Dear Boris, Thank you for your letter advising me of your intention to prorogue Parliament. I have received many other letters, phone calls and emails today from constituents who are increasingly frightened by what’s happening to our country. Your utter disregard for basic democratic standards, the sovereignty of Parliament and the rights of voters to […]

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Green Party Supports HS2 Cancellation Opportunity

The Green Party says HS2 would arrive too late to help avert climate breakdown with massive up-front energy costs in construction.  The Green Party would divert HS2 funding to better improvements in the conventional rail network. including disability access for all railway stations. Green council leader Tom Crone said “In a climate emergency, the last […]

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Climate Emergency and Liverpool City Region

This is the text of the motion The Combined Authority notes: 1.    Humans have already caused irreversible climate change, the impacts of which are being felt around the world. Global temperatures have increased by 1 degree Celsius from pre-industrial levels. Atmospheric CO2 levels are above 400 parts per million (ppm); this far exceeds the 350 […]

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