Future of city’s parks secured by Greens

After the council wavered on previous promises, Cllr Tom Crone has got the leader and administration to commit to the Fields in Trust (FIT) project in full.

FIT is a charity which seeks to protect 100 green spaces around Liverpool forever including not only the 20 or so major parks, but also 80 other small green spaces round the city.

Tom said ”At one point there was doubt about whether even the major parks part of the scheme would go ahead, let alone the other smaller green spaces, but we have now been given that commitment.”
Without Cllr Crone’s efforts the FIT project would still be stalled.

Previously, a lot of work towards FIT was done by retired Cllr, Lawrence Brown. Lawrence said “May I thank everyone who has wished me well with progress on my health issues. Since retiring as a councillor I have continued to pursue some matters that are important to me. In particular, I have been helping colleagues to hold the Council to account by protecting 100 green spaces across the city, forever. Some mixed messages suggested this commitment may be watered down but I’m hopeful that it will be met in full. Happy New Year to all residents!”

Pictured above is Cllr Crone at Dingle Vale Rec, one of the smaller green spaces soon to be protected by FIT. In areas of dense housing, small green spaces are vital oases, that need protecting.