Let’s make the 67th Eurovision the best and greenest

Eurovision Liverpool logo

Green councillors gave a huge thumbs up to the solidarity Eurovision 2023 coming to Liverpool – and called for it to become the greenest ever since the first song was sung in 1956.

Cllr Tom Crone said: ‘Liverpool is the right choice to host the 67th Eurovision Song Contest on behalf of Ukraine, particularly given our musical history and historic ties with the Black Sea port of Odessa.

‘I know that everyone across the city will focus not just on making the entertainment outstanding, but on making sure we recognise the plight of Ukraine and the difference international solidarity can make to their struggle for peace and freedom.

‘Let’s also make it the greenest Eurovision ever and showcase to the world how we can become net zero and prevent the climate crisis overwhelming us all. There is no social justice without climate justice.’

Cllr Crone called for:

  • Free public transport across the city region in the build-up to the televised final on Saturday 13 May
  • Making the city centre car free in the week leading up to the final
  • A commitment from organisers to deliver a net-zero carbon emissions event
  • No single-use plastics to be used
  • Meat-free and dairy free options at all venues
  • A full cultural and arts programme with solidarity and the environment at their heart.

Cllr Crone said: ‘Participants, fans and journalists from across Europe and wider afield will come to Liverpool to participate. Let’s encourage as many as possible to make the journey by train, creating a ‘cavalcade against climate change’ on the way here.

‘This will be one of the greatest Eurovision Finals ever – with a TV audience likely to be over 204 million people [1]. We know that Liverpool can entertain the world and stand in solidarity with people across the world. Let’s prove we can lead the world in tackling the climate crisis too.’


1. https://eurovision.tv/about/facts-and-figures