Greens call for democratic solution to latest city crisis

View from Albert Dock of the Three Graces

Liverpool Council requires a fundamental democratic reconstruction to rebuild trust and lead the city through the economic crisis it now faces, Green Party leader Tom Crone declares today.

Cllr Crone again called for cross-party co-operation to set the strategic direction for the city and tackle mounting chaos within the council.

The call comes as it is confirmed that the Tory government is extending its hold on the city. 

Government-appointed Commissioners already oversee crucial council functions and will now extend their reach to the crucial finance function.

In addition, the government is imposing a new unelected oversight body that will include business and the leader of the City Region, but no trade union or community representation. 

‘The city is in crisis, but this Tory government move supported by the Labour City and City Region Mayors is not the solution,’ says Cllr Crone.

‘We need a radical new alternative so that the people of Liverpool can take back control of their own futures, tackle the cost-of-living crisis and face up to the climate emergency.’

Cllr Crone called for a strategy that will:

  • Share political power across all parties on the council
  • Establish a cross-party committee to implement changes 
  • Involve a Citizens Panel from across the city to oversee the process

Cllr Crone says: ‘I know that staff are working so hard to make improvements, and we need to support them through a fundamental rebuild which will take years.’