Support the Liverpool City Region Green Party Mayoral Campaign

Cllr Tom Crone, the Green Party Candidate for Liverpool City Region Metro-Mayor needs your help:

In just over a month, voters across Liverpool City Region will elect a Combined Authority (Metro) Mayor.

This election campaign is a fantastic opportunity to reach every voter in the City Region. People are desperate for a positive vision of a better future, where inequality is being tackled and our lifestyles aren’t trashing the planet.

Donate to help get Tom elected here.

Only the Greens have got the policies and the commitment to take on these twin challenges, and this election provides a massive opportunity to grasp the initiative and promote our policies.

It is, however, an expensive business. Having an entry in the election booklet that is sent to every elector costs £4,200. We also need to raise a £5,000 deposit to take part in the election. That is why I am urging you to support our Crowdfunder campaign. Every little helps, so please click the link and help out. 

The Green Party don’t have any corporate backers; we depend on our passionate members and supporters to do everything we do, so please take a few moments to help us fund this exciting campaign.

All donations, big or small will make a huge difference. Donate here.


Tom Crone

Green Party Candidate for Liverpool City Region Metro-Mayor