Liverpool Greens Petition Mayor to Save Libraries

St Michaels Greens have launched a petition to save Sefton Park Library, asking Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson to reconsider the budget alternatives proposed by Liverpool Councillors. As the petition explains, Liverpool Greens believe that libraries are an important part of our community. The Greens proposed redirecting £1.634m from two separate funds which are used for optional discretionary projects and using it to prevent any library closures in Liverpool.

In a video produced by Liverpool Green Party, Green MP for Brighton Pavilion Caroline Lucas said “Libraries are an absolute lifeline. Particularly for people who don’t have access to getting into the city centre” Liverpool Green Party chair and St Michaels candidate Tom Crone said “Unfortunately our proposals were dismissed and for that we are critical of Liverpool Labour” For more information on our budget proposals, view our article here and please click here to sign the petition. You can also view our videos about the subject, on our YouTube channel listed below.