Liverpool Greens Win Big to Become Official Opposition

Liverpool Green Party has doubled our City Council seats after the elections on May 22nd 2014. Liverpool Green Party Chair Tom Crone gained the third seat in St Michaels Ward, joining current Green Councillors Cllr John Coyne and Cllr Sarah Jennings. This is great news for Tom, who previously lost out in 2010 by just over 200 votes. Along with this, Lawrence Brown gained our first seat in Greenbank Ward, with an impressive 193.6% increase on votes from his previous attempt at the Ward in 2012.

As a result of this, and the Liberal Democrats catastrophic loss of all of the seats they were defending (including our gained seat in Greenbank ward), Liverpool Greens are now the second largest party on Liverpool City Council, making us the official opposition. New councillor Tom Crone speaking to the Liverpool Echo said, “We want to work constructively with opposing parties and get results for Liverpool.” 

The elections also marked an increase in the Green vote throughout the city, coming second in both Princes Park and Central Wards with increased majorities, as well as gaining the first seat over on the Wirral. Along with two gains in Lancaster, the North West Green Party therefore achieved all of our target seats in this election. If you are interested in getting involved in Liverpool Green Party, please contact us by emailing Chair Tom Crone at