Green Party stands in 29 seats in Liverpool

Liverpool Green Party will be standing in 29 out of 30 seats in the the city. 17 of the 29 Green candidates will be women, reflecting the strong national leadership shown by Caroline Lucas MP and Natalie Bennett.

The Greens will be looking to make St Michaels an all Green ward by electing Tom Crone to the final seat. They are also looking to elect Lawrence Brown in Greenbank and Helen Randall in Mossley Hill. The local campaign will also make a major contribution to the European Election campaign after Liverpool based candidate Peter Cranie missed out by just 0.3% last time.

In Kensington and Fairfield, the Green Party has endorsed a prominent local candidate Steve Faragher who is grounded in the local community and who shares the common goal of kicking Nick Griffin, the leader of the BNP, out of the European Parliament. Steve will be asking his supporters to vote Green in the European Elections. Cllr John Coyne, leader of the Greens in Liverpool, said: “Labour will continue to control the council, even if they failed to win a single seat in this election, so this election is about accountability, not power. The city needs a new opposition party who can hold the administration to account and challenge some of the foolish decisions that have been made by the Mayor and his administration.”

“The Liberal Democrats, who have imposed a savage level of cuts on our city as part of the coalition government, no longer command the trust of local voters. Our candidates can create and effective opposition, working positively with others across the city, to hold Labour to account in the interests of the people of Liverpool.” For more information Martin Dobson: