We support No Mow May

No Mow May Liverpool Green Party

We are supporting Plantlife’s #NoMowMay campaign which is aimed at the gardens and green spaces away from the roadside. It tries to raise awareness and understanding of the biodiversity opportunity lost by mowing in early season. 

We are not asking gardeners and green keepers to never mow, but instead we are strongly encouraging people to think again about grassy open spaces and how they could be richer in wildlife. Do they have to be neat, green carpets? Perhaps we do need to mow frequently to maintain thoroughfares, ‘functional’ areas of gardens and sports turf – but could we spare the margins and sanctuary areas for more wild flowers? 

So, if you are fortunate to own a garden or have a say in the management of your local churchyard, village green or amenity space, please pause for thought this May. No Mow May is changing the way people manage their lawns and green spaces, the percentage of those not mowing in May has trebled compared to three years ago. Why not join them and see what flowers you spot in your lawn or greenspace in 2022?

For further information about No Mow May see here