Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett Gives Her Support To Meadows Campaign

On Tuesday, Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett gave her full support to campaigners who are aiming to save Sefton Park Meadows from being sold for the building of luxury housing.

Over 4000 people have already signed a petition to ask the council not to sell the prized piece of greenspace, described by Heritage England as “within the setting of Sefton Park”.

Campaigners will be handing the petition to the council at the beginning of June, in an attempt to show the huge level of opposition to the sell-off.

A founder of the campaign, Lawrence Brown commented, “We are extremely pleased that the Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett has given us her full support.

“The campaign has included people of all parties and none but the addition of a national political figure to our supporters is clearly a major step forward.

“Opposition to the sell-off has come from right across Liverpool and the country. We’ve even had messages of support from people abroad who are concerned at what the City Council is trying to do with this land.

“We are hoping that the level of opposition, will persuade the Mayor to abandon this appalling plan.”