Green Councillor aims to suspend sell off of Sefton Park Meadows

On Thursday 4th April Green Cllr John Coyne will be putting a motion to the Regeneration Select Committee of Liverpool City Council to ask the Regeneration Cabinet Member Malcolm Kennedy to suspend any action on selling off Sefton Park Meadows.

You can email the members of the Regeneration Committee and ask them to vote for the motion by following the link and clicking on an individual’s name:

Here is the full wording of the motion:

Protection of Green Space at Sefton Park by Councillor John Coyne

“Committee notes it is the current intention of the Cabinet to declare an area of six acres of land “surplus to Council requirements” and that this land is adjacent to Sefton Park and is considered by some Park users to be an integral part of the Park.

Committee considers that the loss of these six acres would diminish the value of Sefton Park for residents. Committee notes that access to our major city parks and the enjoyment of large green spaces is particularly important to households without access to a private car and the opportunity that gives to reach rural destinations.

Committee notes that the current local planning policy OE11 in the Unitary Development Plan for Liverpool provides protection against development on Green Space in Liverpool. Committee requests the Cabinet Member to consider the adverse effect on that protection if development on Green Space at Sefton Park should proceed.

Committee requests the Cabinet Member to consult with the Friends of Sefton Park and with nearby residents and residents’ associations in order to fully assess the amenity value of the land in question.

Committee also requests the Cabinet Member to suspend any action on the disposal of the land until the Sefton Park Forum has had an opportunity to review his proposal.”