Kevin Robinson-Hale is the Green Party’s candidate for Everton ward. He was born and raised locally, lives within the ward and is passionate about the community of Everton.

Supporting oppressed groups, standing up for equality and opposing all forms of racism, fascism and xenophobia is what Kev is all about. He is a big advocate of people working together to create a better, fairer future for everyone.

If you want to help out with Kev’s campaign, you can contact him here. Alternatively you can meet Kev face to face at his regular residents' meetings:

  • Residents’ Advice Surgeries
    Thursdays, fortnightly 6.30-8pm
    Co-op Office, Langrove Street, L5 3PE

  • Monthly Street Surgery
    onthly Saturdays, 10-11.30am
    Greatie Market

Kevin Robinson-Hale Everton Liverpool Green Party

Kevin Robinson-Hale

Candidate - Everton Ward

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Greens set out way forward on Council governance consultation

By pressofficer | 10 May 2022

A consultation on the future governance of Liverpool is running until June, rather than the promised referendum. Today, Liverpool Green Party is urging people across the city to take part, and opt for a more democratic system to hold councillors to account and encourage cross-party working. […]

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No Mow May Liverpool Green Party

We support No Mow May

By Álvaro | 1 May 2022

We are supporting Plantlife and supporting the campaign #NoMowMay which is aimed at the gardens and green spaces away from the roadside. It tries to raise awareness and understanding of the biodiversity opportunity lost by mowing in early season.  […]

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Committee System Liverpool Consultation

Liverpool Green Party supports the adoption of the Committee system on the Future of the Governance in Liverpool Consultation – Our Way Forward Survey

By Álvaro | 28 April 2022

At the Liverpool Green Party, we are strongly in favour of adopting the committee system since it involves many more councillors in decision making and policy development. […]

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Liverpool Pride March_LS

Liverpool Pride March – Sat 30 July

By Álvaro | 16 April 2022

Liverpool Pride March is back and taking to the streets once again in protest, solidarity and celebration. Join the march with Green Party members across Liverpool City Region and beyond. […]

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Better Green now than never going Green at all

By pressofficer | 2 March 2022

Councillor Tom Crone today (Wednesday March 2) welcomed Labour stealing Green Party Budget plans for more active travel and controls on senior management costs, but warned the Mayor can no longer dodge funding the local green new deal Liverpool so desperately needs. […]

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Greens offer to co-operate with Council on ethical charter

By pressofficer | 31 January 2022

Green Councillors today pledge to work with the ruling Labour group and community stakeholders to produce an ethical charter for the Council that is ‘worth more than the paper it is written on.’ […]

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Liverpool Green Party stop Liverpool airport expansion plans

By Álvaro | 26 January 2022

Green Party Councillor Anna Key tonight (Wednesday January 26) thanked campaigners after Liverpool City Council voted to stop the expansion of Liverpool John Lennon Airport. […]

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Scrap the antirefugee bill

Liverpool Green Party back cross-party move to oppose more asylum misery

By Álvaro | 25 January 2022

Liverpool Mayor Joanne Anderson is being urged by a cross-party coalition including the Liverpool Green Party to press the Home Secretary to withdraw the Nationality and Borders Bill for fear it will ‘stoke the politics of division’ and encourage far-right activity in the city. […]

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Liverpool Green Party Airtport Expansion Oglet Greenbelt

Liverpool Green Party force Council to debate airport expansion climate costs

By Álvaro | 18 January 2022

Liverpool is facing both ways on the climate crisis, risking ridicule and failure, Liverpool Green Party Councillor Anna Key will warn councillors as she moves a motion aimed at stopping the expansion of Liverpool John Lennon Airport on to a Site of Special Scientific Interest. […]

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