Kevin Robinson-Hale is the Green Party’s candidate for Everton ward. He was born and raised locally, lives within the ward and is passionate about the community of Everton.

Supporting oppressed groups, standing up for equality and opposing all forms of racism, fascism and xenophobia is what Kev is all about. He is a big advocate of people working together to create a better, fairer future for everyone.

If you want to help out with Kev’s campaign, you can contact him here. Alternatively you can meet Kev face to face at his regular residents' meetings:

  • Residents’ Advice Surgeries
    Thursdays, fortnightly 6.30-8pm
    Co-op Office, Langrove Street, L5 3PE

  • Monthly Street Surgery
    onthly Saturdays, 10-11.30am
    Greatie Market

Kevin Robinson-Hale Everton Liverpool Green Party

Kevin Robinson-Hale

Candidate - Everton Ward

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