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Positive Messages on Migration and Diversity

Cllr John Coyne reports on Liverpool’s International Day of Languages, 29th September 2012 Yesterday I saw a celebration from Liverpool Supplementary Schools – schools set up by Liverpool’s old and new migrant communities.  These schools already receive some support from the city council.  The Lord Mayor Cllr Sharon Sullivan opened the event with, I thought, characteristic charm […]

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LGP Welcome Hillsborough Report

Liverpool Green Party welcome the release of the report of the Hillsborough Independent Panel Founding Liverpool Green Party member Lawrence Brown, and local Green councillors Sarah Jennings and John Coyne, have welcomed the release of the report of the Hillsborough Independent Panel. In a statement on behalf of Liverpool Green Party they said: “The people […]

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Opposing PFI in NHS

News release from Green Party Of England And Wales Thu 12th July 2012For more information: Greens have called for urgent action to cure the NHS of cancerous PFI payments and have written to the Secretary of State for Health calling for action to ensure that health care provision is maintained rather than allowing hospitals to […]

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