Will you support the school strikes?

Tomorrow, pupils from schools up and down the country will be walking out of lessons.

They’ll be gathering in dozens of locations across the country with a simple message. We need emergency climate action now.

Will you be standing with them?

As a teacher myself, I’m proud of each and every pupil taking civic action to demand climate action.

While our political leaders call our young people “truants”, there are thousands of teachers, parents and fellow citizens cheering on this movement of radical hope.

The children of this country are not truants. They are fighting for their future. They are heroes.

While young people are leading the way, it’s up to all of us to support them in any way we can.

If you’re a parent, please support your kids in taking action if they want to. If you’re a teacher like me, press for support and understanding from your headteacher. If you’re free tomorrow, head down to support your local strike.

Most importantly, if you are a young person thinking of taking action tomorrow – go for it. Thousands of us stand with you.

All over the country, more and more councils are declaring a climate emergency, and we need Westminster to do the same. Business as usual is over. It’s time for a radical transformation. It’s time for real climate action.

As a valued member of the Green Party, I’m sure you agree it’s time for this action. Will you support the school strike?