Sefton Park area under threat

Wildlife Site In Sefton Park To Be Given Away By Council And Developed

More green space is under threat in our city – this time in Sefton Park. Liverpool City Council plans to give an area of public open space in the park to Sefton Park Cricket Club. It will then be developed as an all-weather cricket facility, with three artificial wicket strips. This will result in the loss of an area of public land which is designated as a Local Wildlife Site, as part of the Draft Liverpool Local Plan. The site currently supports 12 species of butterfly, as well as grasshoppers, bumblebees, hoverflies and dragonflies. It has also been freely accessible to all members of the public since the nineteenth century.

Park users have only until 10am on Friday Febuary 1st to lodge an objection to this giveaway of public open space. To do so, you can email You can also ask for acknowledgement of receipt of your email, to make sure your objection has been noted.

When emailing, please quote reference: Planned Disposal of Open Space at Sefton Park (Ref:PRT/BSB/L12293)


The area under threat supports the following butterflies: Small White, Large White, Green-Veined White, Small Skipper, Large Skipper, Gatekeeper, Meadow Brown, Red Admiral, Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock, Comma and Speckled Wood; as well as other invertebrates, including grasshoppers, bumblebees, hoverflies and dragonflies. 

The area

Here you can see the current boundary and the new proposed boundary:

The current boundary:

This is what the proposed new boundary will be: