Petition Breakthrough With Greens Urging More Caution On Drugs

Liverpool Green Party has welcomed the success of a petition launched by Green MP Caroline Lucas asking Parliament to review the 1971 Misuse of Drugs Act. It has now reached the 100,000 signatures that will trigger a parliamentary debate on our failing drugs law.

Cllr John Coyne said “There is no doubt that the ‘war on drugs’ is a failure. The illegality of drugs sustains a massive world-wide supply chain run by criminals. Those criminals have no concern for the harmful effects of the drugs they sell. Their crime networks warp and corrupt life in our communities.”

“Futhermore, the fatalities that are now being caused by so called “legal highs” are evidence that a 1970s policy can no longer work in the modern world. The only really safe option is not to buy drugs and not to take drugs but we think the government needs to bring the law into the 21st Century to face up to new challenges.”

Liverpool Green Party congratulates the Green MP for making parliament face up to the evidence, but cautions against anyone who is arguing it should be OK to buy illegal drugs.

Cllr Coyne added “While we wait for parliament to come to its senses, it’s important that we continue to act now against the criminal drug networks and not to continue to feed them with drug money. They cause untold misery in our community and we need a modern drugs policy that puts them out of business and invests in educating young people in our communities.”