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Latest news and events from your Liverpool Green Party

Green Party Budget Amendments

AMENDMENT 1 Recognising the likelihood of increasing unmet demand from people suffering hardship, particularly from the “bedroom tax” and from the reduction in council tax support, the Citizens’ Support Scheme should be increased by £340k for 2015/16 and 2016/17. That provision should be funded by a reduction, from 2015/16, in the budget for the basic […]

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Petition Breakthrough With Greens Urging More Caution On Drugs

Liverpool Green Party has welcomed the success of a petition launched by Green MP Caroline Lucas asking Parliament to review the 1971 Misuse of Drugs Act. It has now reached the 100,000 signatures that will trigger a parliamentary debate on our failing drugs law. Cllr John Coyne said “There is no doubt that the ‘war […]

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Green Party and fortnightly bin collections

Liverpool Green Party is calling on all households to recycle more and to make the best of the new situation where the council is imposing a service reduction, moving from weekly to fortnightly collection of general waste for more than half of the houses in the city. Green councillors, candidates and activists want to help […]

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Greens to block rush to scrap bus lanes

Liverpool’s Green Councillors today joined cyclists, bus and taxi operators to react to the shock announcement that Liverpool’s Mayor wants to scrap bus lanes. The Mayor is said to want a 9 month switch-off of enforcement cameras starting next month. But the Green Party is ready to use the “call-in” procedure so that the idea […]

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Cllr Coyne On Liverpool City Region Consultation

We recognise the case for some kind of Combined Authority (CA) for Liverpool City Region, but we have disagreements with the current prospectus for such an authority. We recognise that the effects of the government’s austerity programme have hit our subregion particularly hard, combining with pre-existing problems of deprivation and relatively high levels of unemployment. […]

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Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett Gives Her Support To Meadows Campaign

On Tuesday, Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett gave her full support to campaigners who are aiming to save Sefton Park Meadows from being sold for the building of luxury housing. Over 4000 people have already signed a petition to ask the council not to sell the prized piece of greenspace, described by Heritage England as […]

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About Liverpool Green Party

Liverpool Green Party is a local branch of the Green Party of England and Wales (GPEW) and works in the Liverpool City Council area.

We actively promote social and environmental justice in the Liverpool area by standing for political office and by working all year round on behalf of, and in conjunction with, its communities and residents.

Liverpool Green Party is committed to creating a cleaner, healthier, sustainable and more equitable city for everyone.


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The Green Party is the only major political party in the UK that is committed fully to a life based on democracy and justice within the planet's limits.

The Green Party has always dared to be different - and we’ve always known the power of good ideas.

Unlike others, we know that our planet has environmental limits, we understand that not everyone wants to live to work, that inequality is not just unfair, but damaging to everyone in society. And we have the bold solutions which allow us to offer inspiration in this age of uncertainty.