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‘Opt out today to save your medical information from the Great NHS Data Grab’

‘Opt out today to save your medical information from the Great NHS Data Grab’

Liverpool Green Party today (Monday July 26) warns that it’s less than a month to the ‘Great NHS Data Grab’ which threatens to share people’s most personal medical information with private companies. It urged new health secretary Sajid Javid to dismantle the toxic legacy left by his predecessor Matt Hancock by scrapping the proposed Great […]

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Green councillors urge Mayor Anderson to be bold and bar arms dealers from the city

Green councillors urge Mayor Anderson to be bold and bar arms dealers from the city

Green councillors today (Wednesday July 21) urged new Labour Mayor Joanne Anderson to be bold and back a ban on an international arms fair planned for October in the council-owned Exhibition Centre. They welcomed the Mayor’s recognition that Electronic Warfare Europe is a major arms fair bringing together weapons merchants and ‘some of the most […]

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Pledge to deepen and intensify scrutiny

Green councillors vowed to deepen and intensify scrutiny of the new Labour administration following the first council meetings. Green councillors will sit on key committees, including those scrutinising Planning, Audit and Licensing decisions made by the Labour Mayor. Green Party Group leader Cllr Tom Crone said: ‘We know from comments made by the last Mayor […]

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Greens demand attendance records made easily available for public scrutiny

New analysis of publicly available council attendance record for the last five years reveals that it is Green councillors who turn up while others stay away. Of councillors with five or more years on the council:   St Michaels Green Councillor Sarah Jennings has the highest percentage attendance. Two out of the top three highest […]

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Liverpool left behind in bid to save lives and clean up city’s air

The Green Party today (Thursday April 15) called for urgent action following a devastating new report highlighting delays in tackling air quality that are costing lives and damaging the city economy. A new report from CBI Economics, commissioned by the Clean Air Fund, found that ‘Liverpool remains behind other cities such as London, Bristol and […]

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Time for all tainted city leaders to resign as one

Liverpool Green Group leader Tom Crone today (Wednesday, March 24) called on the city’s Labour leaders to ‘resign as one’ following a damning report into years of failure that has opened the door to unelected Tory rule on Merseyside. Cllr Crone said the people of Liverpool would have the chance to make their verdict known […]

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About Liverpool Green Party

Liverpool Green Party is a local branch of the Green Party of England and Wales (GPEW) and works in the Liverpool City Council area.

We actively promote social and environmental justice in the Liverpool area by standing for political office and by working all year round on behalf of, and in conjunction with, its communities and residents.

Liverpool Green Party is committed to creating a cleaner, healthier, sustainable and more equitable city for everyone.


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The Green Party is the only major political party in the UK that is committed fully to a life based on democracy and justice within the planet's limits.

The Green Party has always dared to be different - and we’ve always known the power of good ideas.

Unlike others, we know that our planet has environmental limits, we understand that not everyone wants to live to work, that inequality is not just unfair, but damaging to everyone in society. And we have the bold solutions which allow us to offer inspiration in this age of uncertainty.