LGP Welcome Hillsborough Report

Liverpool Green Party welcome the release of the report of the Hillsborough Independent Panel

Founding Liverpool Green Party member Lawrence Brown, and local Green councillors Sarah Jennings and John Coyne, have welcomed the release of the report of the Hillsborough Independent Panel. In a statement on behalf of Liverpool Green Party they said:

“The people of Liverpool have long known there was a cover up, with football fans blamed for the failures of the authorities. Now the truth is there for everyone to see.”

“The families and the support groups deserve the credit for uncovering the truth. No cover up or conspiracy can withstand those willing to fight for justice.”

“Not every question can be answered by this report, but the acceptance by David Cameron of the double injustice handed out the families, friends and survivors of Hillsborough is a welcome start. Now the harder step of holding to account those who misled, covered up and inflicted the additional pain on all affected must begin.”

Further information on Hillsborough Independent Panel can be found at http://www.hfsg.net/ Hillsborough Family Support Group site, where there is also a link to make donations.