Greens to block rush to scrap bus lanes

Liverpool’s Green Councillors today joined cyclists, bus and taxi operators to react to the shock announcement that Liverpool’s Mayor wants to scrap bus lanes.

The Mayor is said to want a 9 month switch-off of enforcement cameras starting next month. But the Green Party is ready to use the “call-in” procedure so that the idea would have to go to the transport scrutiny meeting first. That meeting takes place on November 13th.

We hope that would not be just a delay to this very strange idea, but an opportunity to take a proper look at it and see if there is any better way of solving the problem the Mayor thinks he has found.

The rationale for bus lane enforcement is on the council’s own web site. It’s “part of a programme of measures to reduce congestion and pollution, and to improve the reliability and punctuality of public transport.” We agree with that.

Written by Cllr John Coyne

Link to story on Liverpool Echo website: Mayor Joe Anderson in city bus lane row
Liverpool Echo is running an online poll which may be of interest.

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