David Morgan is the Green Party’s candidate for Wavertree ward. He’s lived in Wavertree ever since moving to Liverpool 11 years ago. David joined Liverpool Green Party (LGP) about 7 years ago and was chosen as our candidate for Wavertree in 2019 and again in 2020. David’s commitment to LGP doesn’t stop there, he has been our local party Treasurer since 2014 and has represented LGP in previous local elections.

David is passionate about the full range of Green issues including; traffic reduction, cutting plastic use, recycling and the circular economy, renewable energy, and green finance. Over the last twelve months he has been working hard to foster a safer, more considerate community for the residents of Wavertree.

For more detailed information about David Morgan’s work in Wavertree and to get involved with his campaign, check out his website here

David lays out his priorities for wavertree

  • Road Safety: Wavertree’s roads are a nightmare – with regular speeding and dangerous driving. The lack of proper crossings at key junctions is a danger to pedestrians. I will campaign for more crossings and speed cameras and for proper traffic enforcement.
  • Active Travel: One of the best ways to improve road safety is through traffic reduction. We need far better walking and cycling infrastructure in Liverpool to help encourage people out of cars and to make more journeys by foot or bike.
  • Public Transport: We also need to have far better public transport. Since timetables were changed last year train services in Liverpool have descended into chaos. I will also campaign to reinstate bus lanes, which were abolished by the Labour council.
  • Parks & Green Spaces: Liverpool has a wealth of fantastic parks. Sadly too many of them have been under threat in the last 10 years, as the Labour council attempted to sell off space for housing. We need to be investing in our parks – not selling them off. I will continue working with campaign groups across the city to protect our green spaces.
  • Keep Wavertree Tidy: Wavertree is a great place to live, and I want to encourage people to take pride in their local community. We need to cut down on littering and dog fouling, and I want to encourage people to take responsibility for looking after our environment. I will also work to push the council on street cleansing and litter collection.
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David Morgan

Candidate - Wavertree Ward

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