Deputy Leader of the Green Party to visit Liverpool on Easter Monday

3 April 2015

Amelia Womack the Deputy leader of the Green Party will join local Greens who are taking their election campaign to Sefton Park Meadows, Bold Street and St Michaels throughout Easter Bank Holiday Monday.

The campaign tour begins at 11 am on Sefton Park Meadows, an area under threat of development by a scheme that would see mature trees replaced with executive homes. Campaigners will meet to take photos for the growing Green Party Meadows album. The album already includes Green Party MP Caroline Lucas, Party Leader Natalie Bennett and meadows supporter the actress Kim Cattrell.

The next stop on Amelia’s tour will be at a street stall that the party has organised, where they will introduce shoppers to Green Party policies, and help people register to vote. The Stall is mobile, and will open outside the nationally re-known independent bookshop, News From Nowhere bookshop at 12.30

At 2.30 Amelia Womack will join the St Michael’s candidate Anna Key and her supporters at Fulwood Rd Community Garden which is opposite no 100 Fulwood Rd.They will plant some seeds before setting out on a canvassing round.

Green Party Deputy Leader Amelia Womack said
"I’m here to prove to the people of Liverpool that a vote for the Green Party is a vote for real change. We stand for free quality education, secure affordable housing, and taking back our health service. We stand for an economy that works for all and not just a few. We reject welfare reform and austerity because not only because they attack the poor but because they don’t work. My task on Easter Monday is to let Liverpool know about Green Policies so they can vote knowing what we stand for."

Local election candidate for St Michaels ward Anna Key said
"I have been very happy with the way our three Green councillors have worked hard in the council chambers for St Michaels. The Greens have been great campaigners for parks, libraries and children’s centres citywide. I have been inspired to stand for election as Councillor John Coyne is retiring, and if elected will continue the important work we do as the main opposition party in Liverpool."

Amelia Womack studied Environmental Biology at Liverpool University during which time she lived in Myrtle Parade in an old Martins Bank Building. By co-incidence it turns out her mum’s sister Amelia’s Aunt used to work in the same building when it traded as a Martin’s bank. By the time Amelia was here as a student it was a Chinese takeaway and Amelia lived above the shop. Her extended family originally lived and worked in Liverpool before moving on to Birkenhead, Wallasey and London where Amelia now lives.

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