No Mow May and Liverpool City Council

18 May 2020

A bee enjoying a trefoil flower. There are signs, in messages flying around the city of people’s concern over “scruffiness” as grass verges and park grasslands remain unmowed, and living things begin to grow. The whole of nature has put on a good show through the lockdown. There seem to be more birds around, vigorously singing. Plants also […]

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Lack of protective equipment for NHS staff – letter to The Rt Hon Matt Hancock

12 April 2020

Dear Matt Hancock MP, We have watched with increasing incredulity and pain the bitter harvest of  recent Governments’ weakening of civil society and public services, and the incompetence of the response to the pandemic. This is in stark contrast to the courage and competence of the staff in our weakened public services. For at least […]

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Liverpool Green Party call for any new hospital in Liverpool to be named after Mary Seacole or Elizabeth Garrett Anderson

8 April 2020

As the crisis caused by the Covid 19 virus deepens we are seeing new hospitals being built to cope with a predicted rise in demand for intensive care units. These have been named after one of outstanding nurses of the Crimean War, Florence Nightingale. Other notable women from British History include Jamaican born Mary Seacole, […]

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£47M Liverpool Transport Plan – Green Party Response

16 December 2019

Green Party Councillor Tom Crone’s response to the Liverpool Cirty Council’s £47M LIVERPOOL TRANSPORT PLAN TO ENTER NEW PHASE Press Release ‘I welcome the news that the 82 bus, and other services will continue to use Hanover Street. This means well loved services, that people have relied on for decades will continue. However, I called for congestion […]

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Council’s Regeneration & Highways Committee

8 November 2019

On 31st October there was another eventful Regeneration and Highways Select Committee meeting. We had an update about Liverpool’s air quality plan. Tom Crone criticized it for not being as ambitious as Bristol, who have declared that they will ban all diesel cars from the city centre, or Leeds who are creating car-free areas of […]

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Green Party Motion to Save Buses

2 October 2019

Liverpool City Council plans to spend many millions of pounds on changing the road layout in Liverpool. In the process they plan to reduce bus services. The Green Party opposes these changes. We should be doing the opposite: improving public transport so that fewer cars will clog up our roads. This is all the more important […]

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Products from deforested Amazon

2 September 2019

The UK’s Green MEPs have written to leading supermarkets asking them to carry out an audit of their supply chains to identify products on their shelves that have come from the Brazilian Amazon [1]. The call comes in the wake of the 70,000 destructive fires that have swept through the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. Commenting on the letter, […]

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Caroline Lucas writes to Boris Johnson about his plan to suspend Parliament

28 August 2019

Dear Boris, Thank you for your letter advising me of your intention to prorogue Parliament. I have received many other letters, phone calls and emails today from constituents who are increasingly frightened by what’s happening to our country. Your utter disregard for basic democratic standards, the sovereignty of Parliament and the rights of voters to […]

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Green Party Supports HS2 Cancellation Opportunity

28 August 2019

The Green Party says HS2 would arrive too late to help avert climate breakdown with massive up-front energy costs in construction.  The Green Party would divert HS2 funding to better improvements in the conventional rail network. including disability access for all railway stations. Green council leader Tom Crone said “In a climate emergency, the last […]

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Climate change news

21 July 2019

A mixture of good and bad:    Good – more and more local councils around the region are declaring Climate Emergencies; in many cases this has been as a result of work by Green Councillors (e.g. Burnley) or Green Party activists pushing from outside (e.g. Blackpool).   The proof of the pudding will be in the resulting […]

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