Greens Condemn Extension of Bus Lane Trial

Liverpool Greens condemn the mayor’s moves to extend the bus lane trial until November, which was due to end late in July. He claimed the amount of road works in the city made a proper evaluation impossible. The decision will go to the Bus Lane Scrutiny Panel on Monday 14th July.

Cllr Tom Crone has questioned this decision and called for greater transparency on this issue.

“We want the mayor to show us the data that he already has because an FOI request has shown that the mayor knew some bus lanes were working before he implemented this blanket ban and we want to know what he’s found out since.

“We need to start getting this data out in the open so rather than carrying on this all-out ban we can start reinstating the vital bus lanes that do work and improving commuters lives as a result.

“I believe there needs to be much greater transparency around this issue.”
(Liverpool Echo 30/06/14)

We’ve seen a lack of vision from our leading politicians who have time and again prioritised cars ahead of pedestrians, bikes and bus users. We need a cleaner greener approach to the problem of congestion.

The Green Party will continue to stand up for all users of our roads because everyone is a pedestrian at times. We must have priority for public transport and cycling if we are going to improve the quality of air we breathe in our city, particularly in the city centre. This approach is backed by the best transport planning evidence and as the city’s opposition, we will continue to make that case.