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Greenbank litter picking on Sunday 7 November

Greenbank Litter Picking Lawrence Brown

Greenbank Litter Picking

Sunday 7 November from 11am

Meeting at Garmoyle Road Community Garden.

Join us for a litter picking action day in and around Greenbank. Cllr. Lawrence Brown will be meeting volunteers, Liverpool Green Party members and people who love Greenbank at Garmoyle Road Community Garden.

Some advice so you can join us safely:

  • Always use a litter picker.
  • Wear protective gloves if possible.
  • Wash your hands (before and after your litter pick), alternatively use hand sanitiser.
  • Use your own carrier bag, bucket or cleansing bag to collect litter in.
  • Don’t touch any litter with your hands.
  • Don’t pick up litter with your hands.