General Election 2017

Lawrence Brown

Lawrence Brown

Councillor Lawrence Brown is our Candidate for Garston & Halewood Constituency in the 2017 General Election.

Lawrence Brown was a founder member of Liverpool Green Party in November 1980 and was co-ordinator of the local party for many years. He was elected to represent Greenbank ward in 2014, with 48% of the vote having previously stood for the General Election in Liverpool Riverside constituency in 1992 and the European Elections in 1989 and 1992.


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Peter CranieStephanie Pitchers - Liverpool Riverside

Stephanie Pitchers is our Candidate for Riverside Constituency in the 2017 General Election.

Stephanie Pitchers came to the UK from South Africa 12 years ago and initially lived in South London and worked as a waitress, fundraiser and office worker. At the age of 21, Stephanie moved to Liverpool to study Community Drama at LIPA and decided to remain here after graduation. 9 years later, Stephanie is proud to call Liverpool her home and lives in Toxteth with her husband and two young children.

Stephanie is a committed activist who has successfully campaigned to save the children's centres and is currently involved with the campaign to Save Liverpool Women's Hospital. She is also a part of the grassroots L8 Neighbourhood Plan forum and is a proud Remainer.

Stephanie is a Christian and worships at an Anglican church in Liverpool. Her faith is what led her to join the Green Party in 2014 as she found it was the one political party that shared most of her values - such as caring for the poor and vulnerable and protecting the earth.

If elected as your MP, Stephanie will stand up for what matters - free education, a fully funded NHS and rights for all people.

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Will WardWill Ward - Liverpool West Derby

Will Ward is our Candidate for West Derby Constituency in the 2017 General Election.


Born in Liverpool, raised in County Durham in a mining family. Have been a Trades Union member most of my life. Working life has been varied from manual to academic to small business. I believe strongly that a civilised society should both look after all of its people and invest in their potential, thereby enriching all of society. It is lack of political will that stops the transformation of our society for the better and it is the application of political will that is making our society cruel, unforgiving and broke. The dominant political parties have capitulated to Big Finance and Big Business as a result we become poorer, our environment is made toxic and the rights; to protest, to privacy and to civil rights are eroded. The Green vision for a democratic, sustainable, people and environment friendly society is doable, is happening now and all we need to do is join together and take control of our lives and our communities. As E F Schumacher wrote "Think Global, act Local".

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Other CandidatesColm Feeley - Liverpool Walton

Parish Councillor Colm Feeley is our Candidate for the Walton Constituency for the 2017 General Election

I've never really been politically minded, but I've got to think of the future I'm leaving for my son. This election isn't about Brexit, or the next five years. I want to represent Walton and ensure we're making a future in which our children can prosper. My future has already been ruined by our parents mistakes, and as a parent, I recognise we need an overhaul of politics, of education, of the future we're leaving our children.

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Ted GrantTed Grant - Liverpool Wavertree

Ted Grant is our Candidate for the Wavertree Constituency for the 2017 General Election

 It is important that the people in Liverpool Wavertree have a candidate to vote for who will fight on the issues that are important to them and represent them with passion and dedication. I am a passionate Green Party member who will stand up for social and environmental justice - two intertwined ideals that only the Green Party acknowledges. I believe it is vital to push the Green Party policies and ideology in to the public domain because only our long term vision can truly address the problems we face both in the UK and across the globe. I have demonstrated my commitment to the Green Party by standing in local elections and becoming chair of the local party in Liverpool. I have campaigned on many issues that I'm passionate about and attended demonstrations and meetings in Liverpool and throughout the UK; on homelessness, racism and intolerance, democracy, climate change, the sell-off of green space, animal exploitation, fracking, TTIP, the privatisation of the NHS.

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