European Elections Campaign Launch

Green Party’s Campaign in Liverpool

Meet at Lime Street Station Steps at 13.30 on Tuesday the 14th May.

Gina, with 15 years experience as a Lancashire County Councillor, and in campaigning on issues like fracking, is the Green’s lead candidate on their North West list. She has made her committment to Europe, and to protecting the environment very clear:

“People are turning to the Green Party because not only are we committed to staying in Europe, but a vote for the Greens is a vote to urgently tackle climate change. Green MEPs from the UK have led the way on tackling plastic pollution and improving animal welfare. They successfully campaigned for transparency on corporate lobbying, to stop corporate tax-dodging and to protect whistleblowers.”

She is arriving in Liverpool at Lime Street at at 13.20 . We can meet her on the steps at the station from 13.30 to 14.00, get to know her, and vitally, make it clear to Liverpool that this important campaign has begun.

To read more about Gina’s views and experience, click here.

To see the Green Party manifesto for the European elections click here.

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