Wednesday 15 January: Defend Liverpool's Green Heritage.

Vital Protest Meeting at the Liverpool City Council Meeting, 4pm to 6pm, Liverpool Town Hall, Wednesday 15th January 2020.

The attempts by our Council to build on green land, ignoring the wishes of the local population and their own declaration of a climate emergency endlessly continue. Bixteth Gardens has gone, legal battles are raging over Calderstones Park and the Green Wedge, and attempts were made to sell on parts of Walton Hall Park. The Save Oglet Shore Group are campaigning  to stop the road closure and development of the land around the airport. We are currently protesting to try to stop the building of a dual carriageway along Jericho Lane, Riverside Drive and Sefton Street.  The same theme occurs across Merseyside. The current government continues to support putting a dual carriageway through Rimrose Valley Park in Sefton.

 Which climate emergency were the Labour councillors thinking of??

We recently held protests, supported by local residents, to stop the Flat Iron in St.James Place from being sold off for “development”—more greenspace and trees gone. The council is proceeding with offering it for such development..

We need a large  protest around the Town Hall 4-6pm, Wednesday, 15th January, so that councillors can hear that many people are against the continual attempt to destroy green space, in effect ignoring the climate emergency.

Please come if you can and make your objections heard.

Tuesday 14th January: The Threat To Our Green Spaces

On the 14th January we are running a business meeting where we will discuss the nature of the threat to Green Spaces--how does their preservation weigh against claims that houses and roads must be built over them? What action can, and should we take to end their destruction?

Meeting 7.00-9.00pm, 14th January-business meeting for members only 7.00-7.30pm, discussion open to all comers 7.30-9.00pm.

New Venue: St. Michael in the City Church Hall, Upper Pitt Street, Liverpool L1 5DB

For a map and directions CLICK HERE