Save Waterloo Dock

Walking through the Waterloo Dock area as it is now, you certainly see some intrusive and unsympathetic building work to the north and south, but as it stands you can still see the historic dock, the superb grade II listed Victorian warehouse building and the wildlife you associate with the waterside, cormorants, gulls, geese and mute swans. Current plans say that the dock will be largely filled in, and the area built over. Six high rise blocks of apartments will dominate the area, blocking the view of the original beautiful building. We will no longer have a unique Liverpool, but an increasingly bland urban area characteristic of so many cities across the world. The wildlife will, at best, move on .


English Heritage, Historic England and UNESCO are highly critical of the plans to develop the whole dock area, with the likelihood we will lose World Heritage status for the Liverpool Mercantile City. Development of the area could occur in a manner that sympathetically preserves the main sites and the views across the area. That development could also reflect the huge challenges presented by global climate catastrophe-should it not have as a priority the provision of safe and extensive routes for walking, and cycling, and the provision of excellent public transport based on clean technology?

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