What do we do when our politics are broken and a world crisis looms over us?

David Teasdale

Liverpool Council, presented with a costed Green Budget by the Green Party, ignored it—let’s ignore reality and enjoy ourselves with politics as usual! 

How many of our MPs attended the debate on the School Climate Strike—40 out of about 650. 

For the first time since the Vietnam War protests long ago, I feel my every day, respectable approach to politics—voting, the odd big march and a day out in London, an argument in the pub—does not cut any mustard whatsoever.

Short term advantage and tribalism seem to be all that count to the vast majority of our politicians.  As it stands Brexit exemplifies this. When did you get the feeling that all that counted for a politician was to say what they thought best in the long run for our country? Unfortunately, Brexit, with all its challenges and dangers is a minor issue compared with the climate catastrophe that, in a few short years, will overwhelm the world. Mass starvation, mass migration, wars, mass extinction of other species look likely to be the minimum effects and yet the vast majority of our MPs and councillors ignore it.

School students have woken up to this threat to their future. Greta Thunberg began a solo School Climate Strike early last year, standing before the Swedish Parliament. Eight months later it is a world- wide movement, with school students leading a protest in more than 70 countries. With a clear vision of their threatened and ugly future, they have the moral authority, energy and commitment to act, and deserve our support. What is the point of making a priority of education, when the future in which you can use that education is so dark and uncertain?

Looking back, I have lived a privileged existence in a privileged time, and I owe it to the school students to back them in their battle for a decent way of life.

The next strike is planned for March 15th.

See the video 

If you want to support them go to https://350.org/support-schoolstrike/ where you will find 5 ideas on how you can get involved.