Electoral pacts and the Lib Dems

A personal view from Jonathan Clatworthy

I have had my attention drawn to a campaign by the Lib Dems for a pact with Change UK and the Green Party in preparation for the next General Election, which could come soon.

You can see it here.

Here's the reply I sent.

Despite supporting the idea in theory, I see 2 weaknesses with the proposal.

(1) It would be sensible as a once-for-all, but there will be future issues where an alliance will, in the short term, look a good idea. Solution: have an alliance to bring in a better voting system, and then have a fairer election.

(2) Brexit isn't the only thing that matters. The 2010-2015 government was the worst in my lifetime, most obviously for dramatically speeding up the polarisation of wealth, so we have incomparably more homeless and starving than we had before. This is not caused by the financial crisis, it was deliberately driven by Osborne. For all the LibDems tried to limit the damage, they could have stopped it.

I will not vote for anyone who supports nuclear weapons, or supports the present impoverishment of the poor, or supports continuing destruction of the environment. I would indeed vote for an alliance committed to only PR, Bremain and a new election; but not carte blanche to people with policies I strongly disagree with.