Extinction Rebellion Gathering

The Vision Sensing Group at Extinction Rebellion draws together those of all faiths and none and works on creative ways of keeping spirituality at the centre of all they do. One part of this is a piece called 'Gathering' to read out to a large crowd of passionate activists intent on calling the government to account over the climate emergency which we all face together was an honour, it is powerful enough to print here in full:

Our vision is of a world where love and kindness do not exist only in poetry and song. They are the fabric of life.
It is a world where we care for and nourish the beauty of the natural world, living side-by-side with all people and all forms of life.
In this world people live in cooperation, at peace with themselves and each other.
In this world we recognise Earth as our greater body, caring for its clean water, its pure air and the soil that brings us food, because we feel deeply interconnected with it all.
In this world we find new meaning and purpose to our lives as we create communities where everyone matters and everyone is seen, felt and heard.
It is a world beyond climate chaos, species extinction, obscene inequalities and exploitation. A world where we have regained a sense of magic and mystery to life. A world beyond borders and divisions, where Nature has been restored to the Commons. Not owned or exploited but protected and nurtured. Our children are safe to learn, play and explore. The future is assured for them and their children.
Some might say this is an idealistic vision. We don’t agree. The map to it, is the map of the human heart.
We know the world can work this way. We know the world has to work this way for future life to survive and thrive. We know we have all the love, beauty and genius that is required. We will not shirk our international responsibilities for climate, social, economic and ecological justice.
Join us. You will be welcomed. Bring all you are and all you have. Your uniqueness, with its strengths, its quirks, its energy – all this is welcome.
Your rebellion is the greatest gift you have to give. The courage of your heart and the knowing of your truth, together birth the beauty of your being. It is what the world needs most right now. Bring that. And let it guide your life now.
In this emergency. Together. Rooted in love. We are all we need.