I never thought I would be writing that combination of words in a blog about Liverpool events but go to and you will see a picture of a Lockheed-Martin F35 strike fighter lined up on a carrier deck, presumably about to deal death somewhere. 

What we are faced with is, in Liverpool of all places, a major exhibition of military hardware, customers for such products, and the hard sell that goes with them. It was planned for 16-18th June, but is now to be held on 16-18 November, at the Exhibition Centre on the banks of the Mersey. 

The proponents of such an event will present it as vital to our safety, though what they mean by “our safety” is uncertain. The top 100 arms companies sold nearly $400 billion worth of arms in 2017. All in spite of the UN Arms Trade Treaty which, signed in 2013 committed nations to never export arms to states where it is known they will be used to facilitate genocide, war crimes or crimes against humanity. Arms sales to the Middle East saw an increase of 87% between 2009 and 2018.

Around 2.5 million people have died in armed conflicts since 1989, —77,000 died in 2018 alone. 

To look at the detail go to .

Morality alone says that we, the people of Liverpool, should be doing everything in our power to stop this occurring, at the very least in our City. They got away with it in cities like Berlin and Edinburgh in past years, but they should not get away with it here.

As we live through the horrors of the COVID-19 pandemic we want our country’s money and energy going into a well-funded and efficient NHS, proper planning to deal with pandemics, a universal basic income that offers support across society and without doubt very well-funded actions to avoid the climate catastrophe, that is hard on the heels of the pandemic.

Those priorities should be guiding the actions of every government across the world. Encouraging spending by all manner of states on vastly expensive killing machines is appalling at any time, but right now it beggars belief that our City is enabling it to continue.

David Teasdale

Current Chair Liverpool Green Party on behalf of Liverpool Green Party.