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Comment on the upcoming warfare exhibition in Liverpool.

Save Waterloo Dock!

David Teasdale explains. More details on the campaigners' website


Electoral pacts and the Lib Dems

A personal response by Jonathan Clatworthy to a Lib Dem initiative


The Government’s line on fracking

A local member has written to her Member of Parliament, Louise Ellman, expressing her objections to fracking. Ms Ellman duly sent her the official Government reply, signed by Claire Perry, Minister of State. It included a list of ten ‘myths’ and ‘facts’ about fracking.

You can read the ‘myths’ and ‘facts’ here. You may also like to read Frack Free Formby's response. Friends of the Earth has published a rebuttal.

Anna commented: ‘Fact: I’m sickened by what passes for information in public discourse these days.’

In similar vein, Jonathan Clatworthy has written a blog post on the Government’s misuse of the term ‘fact’.


Power, responsibility and voting

Could we make decisions a better way? A reflection by Jonathan Clatworthy


Extinction Rebellion Gathering

A text describing Extinction Rebellion's values. Read it here.

Amoral or differently moral?

Jonathan Clatworthy reflects on wealth and the ultra-rich: moral, immoral or amoral?

Did the Venusian schoolkids protest?

David Teasdale asks whether the story of Venus is a warning to us

Liverpool Express reveals an out-of-touch Council

Response by Jonathan Clatworthy to the Council's publicity leaflet.

What do we do when our politics are broken and a world crisis looms over us?

Comment by David Teasdale on the broken state of our politics

Climate Emergency and Liverpool City Council

Tom Crone reflects on the Council's rejection of this necessary plan


All things bright and beautiful, all insects great and small

David Teasdale describes the damage done to the insect population and how it threatens us all


Why do we make each other so ill by polluting the air?

Jonathan Clatworthy asks about the underlying reasons for deteriorating air quality


Airport expansion over the Oglet Shore


A summary and personal reflection by David Teasdale on the Liverpool Green Party meeting on 14th January 2019



Recycling and the Circular Economy

A personal response by David Teasdale to the presentation by Carl Beer at the Green Party meeting on 24th October 2018