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Greens’ One Tree Per Child Scheme Set To Launch

Liverpool City Council are set to launch the One Tree Per Child scheme across Liverpool on 22nd November, after a Green Party councillor proposed the idea.

St. Michael’s Councillor Anna Key put forward a motion to the Council earlier this year after seeing the scheme take off in Bristol; Liverpool is the second UK city to adopt the scheme.

When the Council agreed to the scheme, following my motion, I was extremely delighted. I’m now even more excited to see the initiative will be up and running soon” said Councillor Anna Key.
“It has been inspiring to work with so many committed people to make this important project happen. Young people will gain so much from having natural education as part of the school experience.

The One Tree Per Child scheme, which was founded by film-star Olivia Newton-John and has TV’s Kevin McCloud as an ambassador, aims to connect young people with the natural environment, providing benefits such as increased environmental awareness, empowering children to make a difference and improved mental health.

Green Party Councillor Lawrence Brown, will be digging out his wellies and his trowel to support a pre-launch of the initiative alongside Principal John Patterson at St. Vincent’s School, West Derby this Saturday (5th November) where a seed collection day will be held.

Leader of the Green Group on Liverpool, Councillor Tom Crone commented, “I’m so proud of our councillors for pushing this scheme through the Council using powerful, impassioned arguments. I am looking forward to working closely with the schools and other organisations who will put this brilliant idea into practice.

The scheme comes from one of many initiatives that Green Councillors have steered through the Council in the past year and Councillor Crone is keen for more successes in future “We will continue to challenge the Council to introduce Greener policies and practices, One Tree Per Child is a great example of this.”

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