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£47M Liverpool Transport Plan – Green Party Response

Green Party Councillor Tom Crone’s response to the Liverpool Cirty Council’s £47M LIVERPOOL TRANSPORT PLAN TO ENTER NEW PHASE Press Release ‘I welcome the news that the 82 bus, and other services will continue to use Hanover Street. This means well loved services, that people have relied on for decades will continue. However, I called for congestion on Hanover Street to be addressed over two years ago when the 82 was originally changed, so it is frustrating that we are still waiting for these measures to be implemented. This u-turn by the council is the result of people power, and the many residents of South Liverpool who have demanded a change of direction from the council. We will celebrate this news, but will keep fighting for other services still under threat. This includes the 82D, 86D, 75 and 80 that will be affected by the proposed closure of Lime Street to northbound traffic. If the council are serious about tackling the Climate Emergency they need to be supporting bus services in the city, not slashing them. Buses need more priority on our city streets and measures to reduce traffic should be urgently introduced. So, this is a step in the right direction but there is much more that should be done to promote bus use in the city.’

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