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Caroline Lucas writes to Boris Johnson about his plan to suspend Parliament

Dear Boris,

Thank you for your letter advising me of your intention to prorogue Parliament.

I have received many other letters, phone calls and emails today from constituents who are increasingly frightened by what’s happening to our country. Your utter disregard for basic democratic standards, the sovereignty of Parliament and the rights of voters to representation is deeply insulting to – and worrying for – every UK resident.

It’s also incredibly dangerous. Our country continues to be deeply divided. Remain and Leave voters feel locked out from our democratic processes. Your duty as Prime Minister is to bring people back together and find ways forward that can re-unite our country, yet you have chosen a very different path.

You know that your reckless No Deal Brexit will never gain the support of MPs and the decision to suspend Parliament represents an act of cowardice. The truly brave and bold thing to do right now would be to use your power to resolve this crisis, not abuse it – hear and respect the will of Parliament and also go back to the public with a People’s Vote.

The impact of No Deal on local businesses, the NHS. young people and our environment are particularly worrying, and your actions demonstrate a reckless disregard for the consequences for my constituents. On their behalf I completely oppose this power grabbing constitutional outrage and urge you to reconsider.

I look forward to your response and would also like to take up your offer to meet to discuss it further.

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