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Green Party Supports HS2 Cancellation Opportunity

The Green Party says HS2 would arrive too late to help avert climate breakdown with massive up-front energy costs in construction.  The Green Party would divert HS2 funding to better improvements in the conventional rail network. including disability access for all railway stations.

Green council leader Tom Crone said

“In a climate emergency, the last thing we want is a massive, energy-hungry prestige railway for the benefit of the rich.  Urgent improvements to the West Coast Main Line could ensure future freight capacity, sooner and with much lower cost than HS2. (*)

“And it surprises me that Liverpool’s political leaders are so keen on HS2 when it underlines Manchester’s permanent competitive advantage over Liverpool.”

Contact: Liverpool Green Party spokesperson John Coyne 0151 727 7779 / 07889 123432


(*) Alternative improvements to West Coast Mail Line feasibility –

HS2 review announcement on BBC –

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