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Yet another “non-sultation” from Liverpool City Council

Councillor Tom Crone writes:

A consultation is underway on sweeping changes to bus services in the city. Green Cllrs will be objecting due to the scrapping of the 86D, the 82D and the 82C which affects the wards they serve. You may find that services you rely on are affected too.

Please take a look and comment if you see fit:

While it is incredibly important that as many people as possible respond to this consultation to try to force a change in the plans, we are extremely disappointed by Liverpool Labour’s approach to consultation. These are the words of the chair of the transport committee: 

“We do welcome people’s comments, but we have to be clear that we will be limited in any changes we can make because of the changing layout of the city centre.”

This quote is from the second paragraph of the government’s guidance on conducting consultation.

Consult about policies or implementation plans when the development of the policies or plans is at a formative stage. Do not ask questions about issues on which you already have a final view.

I don’t think they have taken the time to understand what consultations are supposed to be for.

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