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Liverpool Greens successfully re-elected tonight

Tom Crone and Lawrence Brown were both re-elected to Liverpool City Council despite massive pressure from Labour. A monumental effort from all the team and I couldn’t be happier for them. Huge thanks to everyone involved in the campaign. You know who you are!

St Michaels – results

Election CandidatePartyVotes% 
 Councillor Thomas CroneGreen Party220558.32%Elected
 Stuart FordhamLabour Party139536.90%Not elected
 David PatmoreConservative Party992.62%Not elected
 Norman DarbyshireLiberal Democrat822.17%Not elected
Liverpool Greens celebrating their success

Greenbank – results

Election CandidatePartyVotes% 
 Councillor Lawrence BrownGreen Party164848.24%Elected
 Jon MorrisLabour Party155345.46%Not elected
 Fiona McBrideLiberal Democrat1163.40%Not elected
 Nicholas John Leigh BassonConservative Party992.90%Not elected

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