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A Big Thank You to everyone

Hi everyone,

A massive thank you to everyone who helped during the campaign. And thank you to the 14,094 people who voted for us in this election. The turnout was a disappointing 26.1% over the entire region, suggesting a lack of appetite for a mayor in the devolution deal.

We missed out on retaining our deposit by an agonising 0.1% of the vote. We believe the calling of a snap election has had a huge influence on this election which has also seen the Lib Dem vote suffer.

We need to look at the positives from this election which include an increased vote share recently in areas such as St Helens and Knowsley. We noticed a large amount of second preference votes at the count which demonstrates that there is a potential Green vote base to tap in to.

We now have a general election to fight for and we have fantastic candidates across the region who require the efforts of all of our members and supporters. Please get in touch!


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